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About project

Unveiling the Assarain Food Service Website

The Assarain Food Service website, providing insight into the project’s objectives, features, and the delightful world of culinary excellence

Scope of Work:

The scope of our house cleaning project with Kalhat Clean encompassed a wide range of services, including but not limited to deep cleaning, sanitization, and personalized cleaning plans. We tailored our approach to address specific client requirements, providing a customized and effective solution for each home.


Every project presents its unique set of challenges, and our collaboration with Kalhat Clean was no exception. We encountered diverse cleaning scenarios, from stubborn stains to hard-to-reach areas, and we embraced these challenges as opportunities to showcase our expertise and commitment to excellence.


Anita Roddick


3 Month

Team Size



Product Design




Unraveling the Genesis of Assarain Food Service Website

Limited Visibility in the Digital Space:

One of the primary challenges faced by Assarain in the culinary industry was limited visibility in the digital space. With an increasingly online-savvy audience, the absence of a robust online presence posed challenges in reaching a wider audience and showcasing the diverse culinary offerings.

Traditional Ordering Process Constraints:

The traditional ordering process presented its own set of constraints. Phone-based orders and in-person visits to physical locations limited the accessibility and convenience for customers. There was a growing need to streamline the ordering process and cater to the preferences of modern consumers who seek convenience through online platforms

Lack of Interactive Menu Exploration:

The absence of an interactive platform for menu exploration was a hurdle in engaging customers effectively. Traditional menus provided limited visual representation, making it challenging for customers to explore and appreciate the variety of dishes offered by Assarain in a dynamic and interactive manner.


Overcoming Challenges in Crafting the Assarain Food Service Website

Menu Digitization and Visualization:

Homes are as diverse as the people who inhabit them. One of the initial challenges was understanding and adapting to the unique cleaning requirements of each household. From different surfaces to specific cleaning preferences, Kalhat Clean navigated through a myriad of demands to provide personalized and effective cleaning solutions.

User-Friendly Interface Design:

Crafting a user-friendly interface that catered to a diverse audience with varying digital literacy levels was a crucial challenge. The design needed to strike a balance between aesthetics and functionality, ensuring that customers of all backgrounds could navigate the website effortlessly and place orders with ease.

Integration with Existing Operational Systems:

Integrating the website seamlessly with existing operational systems posed a logistical challenge. From order processing and inventory management to delivery coordination, the website needed to work harmoniously with Assarain’s backend systems, minimizing disruptions and ensuring operational efficiency.

Our Solution

The Assarain Food Service Website Solution

Robust Online Ordering System:

Our solution involved the implementation of a robust online ordering system. The website seamlessly integrates with backend systems, streamlining the ordering process. Customers can navigate a user-friendly interface, customize their orders, and experience a frictionless journey from menu exploration to order placement.

Interactive Menu Digitization:

Addressing the challenge of visualizing Assarain’s diverse menu, our solution introduced an interactive menu digitization approach. The website showcases an enticing array of dishes with vibrant visuals, detailed descriptions, and intuitive navigation, offering customers an immersive and informative culinary exploration.

User-Friendly Interface Design:

Crafting a user-friendly interface was at the core of our solution. The website boasts an aesthetically pleasing design coupled with intuitive navigation. From first-time visitors to seasoned digital diners, our interface design ensures a seamless and enjoyable experience, making online ordering a delight for.

Project Timeline

The start of the 2 years long technology partnership with PINCH

Visual Output

Navigating the Assarain Food Service Website Interface

The world of Assarain Food Service—a digital haven where culinary artistry meets cutting-edge technology.


The project has 150,000 lines of code

that took 1500 hours to write


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